J. Colin Petersen

President, HelpDesk.tech

Larry Meador is Channel Chief of DataStream Cyber Insurance and is focused on developing strategy, deploying partner value programs and developing industry alliances.

Larry has over 24 years of channel sales experience with businesses such as GreenLink Networks, CNET/Channel Online and Corel Software in addition to working for both Circuit City and Computer City in sales and purchasing.  His successes include leading acquisition and partner support teams and managing an ecommerce/quoting/procurement solution designed specifically for the channel.  Larry is most proud of the channel relationships he’s built over the years with MSPs and vendors, and he’s looking forward to continuing those in this role.

He’s also an avid hiker and photographer and loves to combine the two whenever he can!


3:45 PM - 4:05 PM HelpDesk.tech

Thursday Dec 7, 2023

The Secret to Recruiting, Hiring, Training, and KEEPING Great Level 1 Technicians

MSP’s all experience similar frustrations hiring L1 tech’s. They want too much money, they have trouble Googling simple error codes, and just as they get their “sea legs,” they end up quitting. While you might think you know why they quit, what matters is knowing the real reasons why, or why you can’t seem to find good ones in the first place, and what you should do to mitigate that. In this session, you’ll learn the secrets I’ve used myself to hire great L1 techs who love what they do.